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 Courses in BCS

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PostSubject: Courses in BCS   Courses in BCS Icon_minitimeSun Sep 02, 2007 8:56 pm

In BCS we have leraned different courses so far Few of them i dont recognize or you 
say that not understand why they teach us..such as Philosophy?????
No doubt that French is the very useful language ...But it teaches us in 3rd semester
and we completely forget now....Is there is any benefit of such type of subjects.....
Despite the factor that i got good marks i said this...
I wish that French should teach in the Degree Program but set some different
parameters so we will get fully benefit from this subject in the later life...it Should have some practical approach...

Similarly Philosphy what are the benefits of this type of subject???...just GPA improvement???
or something else...???
I need a reply with someone who has the full proof arguments...
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Courses in BCS
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